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  The Ultimate Shi No Numa Guide

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Shi No Numa Guide   Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:54 am

The Ultimate Shi No Numa Guide

Pretty much finished, just touching it up with zombie glitches =D


Well, here it is, or most of it. About a month before this post came out, I told TTG that I would create a Shi No Numa Guide. And here it is. It has taken me hours, gathering up all the information, setting it up, straight down to the colours for the headings. But I'd like to thank TTG for giving me this oppurtunity, and bearing my annoyingly high amount of threads that I post. It may not be quite finished yet, but there is enough there to supply anybody with new information they didn't know about Shi No Numa. I hope you enjoy it.
Map Overview and Pictures

An Overview of the third map in the series. Learn it!

The Floger. Just one of the traps to use against zombies.

The Zipline. Getting flooded by zombies? Time to get out of there.


Starting loadout

Colt M1911 (with 32 extra bullets)
Stielhandgranate grenades (x2)

Players' spawn room

Arisaka (200 points to buy, 100 for ammo)
Gewehr 43 (600 points to buy, 300 for ammo)

Warning room

Stielhandgranate x4 (250 points to buy)
M1 Carbine (600 points to buy, 300 for ammo)


Bouncing Betty x2 (1000 points to buy)

Doctor's Quarters Entrance

M1 Garand (600 points to buy, 300 for ammo)

Storage Entrance

M1897 Trenchgun (1500 points to buy, 750 for ammo)

Starting Mystery Box Room

Thompson (1200 points to buy, 600 for ammo)
M1 Garand (600 points to buy, 300 for ammo)

Fishing Hut

MP40 (1000 points to buy, 500 for ammo)

Doctor's Quarters

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (1800 points to buy, 900 for ammo)


Type 100 (1000 points to buy, 500 for ammo)

Communications Room

STG 44 (1200 points to buy, 600 for ammo)

Mystery Box


Gewehr 43
M1 Garand (with or without rifle grenade)
M1 Carbine
Thompson Submachine Gun
Type 100
M1897 Trench Gun
Double-Barreled Shotgun
Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun w/Grip
STG 44
M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
Colt M1911
M1919 Browning Machine Gun
.357 Magnum
M2 Flamethrower
Ray Gun
Wunderwaffe DG-2
Teddy Bear (points refunded to player)


You spend points on weapons and the longer the game goes the more important your weapon selection becomes. To that end, it's important to know how you get points. You begin with 500 points but add to that total through a number of ways:



Wound a Zombie (Non-Fatal)

Rebuild a Barrier

Kill a Zombie

Kill a Zombie (Headshot)(sometimes more than one shot required)

Stab a Zombie to Death*

60 + (s*10)
If you blow their head off, but they don't die you recieve 60 points, plus 10 for every step they walk before they die. s represents steps.

*Only an effective strategy in rounds one and two, or when the Insta-Kill power is active.

Obviously, these points will double when "x2" powerup is activated.

The quickest way to build up points in rounds one and two is to use your knife. Shoot the zombies four times in the chest with the pistol (no more, no fewer) and wait for them to get up to a window. Let them pull a few boards off, then use your knife to dispatch them. You can get at least 170 points per zombie using this method: 40 points for shooting it three times and 130 points for stabbing it to death. Don't forget to rebuild the barrier and you'll get 30 or 40 points that way. You can accumulate about a thousand points per player in the first round.

Insta-Points: For maximum points after round two, use your knife when the Insta-Kill power is active. Let the zombies into whatever room you're in and stab and slash your way through the zombies to generate points. You get all the points for killing a zombie with a knife without any of the risk or trouble of stabbing it multiple times.[/size]

Zombie Strategies

Intro & General Rules

These are NOT GLITCHES. I’ll cover glitches in the next section. However, for those of you who want a place on the board legitimately, I have two strategies (not mine) here that you can use.

o0OMorrisO0o’s Strategy

The first strategy is most commonly known as o0OMorrisO0o's strategy, and as far as I'm aware, he is the original founder.

If the link isn't working I will explain it briefly here:
1. You start off the round normally. It doesn't really matter which you open, the stairs or the gate, but I suggest opening one at round 3.
2. Next, over a period of time, your going to want to have: Perks:- Juggernog (Absolutely vital to this strategy working) and Speed-Cola (If you want) Weapons:- A Ray Gun and/or WunderWaffle, and/or a Heavy Machine Gun.
3. Once you have acquired these items, you are going to want to open up the Comm Room Gate (you may have already opened this before.
4. It doesn't actually matter whether you have opened the hut itself, but you want to start running laps around the swamp part of the Comm Room Swamp.
5. When you get enough zombies behind you, turn round, and let rip with one of your guns to mow them all down.

How it Works: The walkway that leads to the Comm Room can be run in a perfect circle, and generally, you will never actually touch the swamp itself. However, there is a small walkway that ends, and you must run and jump to the hut that is slightly forward and to your left. You should be straight back on the walkway, and you can keep on doing this.

Other Strategy

The second strategy also works just as well, if not better. Still unsure who founded it. Apparently it wasn't Vandz.

If the link isn't working I will explain it briefly here:
1. You start off the round normally. You should open the metal gate to make it easier, but its your choice really. Leave after round 3.
2. Pretty much the same as before, over a period of time, your going to want to have: Perks:- Juggernog (Absolutely vital to this strategy working) and Speed-Cola (If you want) Weapons:- A Ray Gun and/or WunderWaffle, and/or a Heavy Machine Gun Extras:- Bouncing Betties. You're going to want to get these at about round 9. I would suggest getting a Thompson off the wall until then. HOWEVER, if the Juggernog is in the Doctor's Quarters, you are going to want to restart the game. You must NEVER, EVER, open up the Doctor's Quarters.

If you do have a basic strategy to last until round 9, which isn't that hard, then stick with it until round 9. However, if you don't, the maker of the video suggests that you purchase Bouncing Betties and camp in the small alcove by the Comm Room Gate.

3. Once you have got all these, you want to open up the Fishing Hut (unless it's already open). You want to start every round by placing two Betties near the flogger, and turning the flogger itself on (if available). You then want to came behind the small table outside the Doctor's Quarters Gate. You do NOT, want to sit in the middle of the table, as this will cause the zombies to come from both sides, so stand on the side closest to the Flogger. Then, just shoot any zombies that walk past. If you need to, move back to the original Random Box spawn, and use this as your second shooting spot if there are too many zombies.

How it works: Because of where you are standing, most of the zombies will come from the Fishing Hut. Because this is where you place the Betties, and that the Flogger should be turned on whenever possible, most get killed without you even noticing.


Andy (see 1st post) has kindly informed me that the above strategy was not quite Vandz's way and that his was on Youtube.
Due to the fact that there are about 6 videos explaining Vandz's way, I'm just going to put up the links:

There you go.

Zombie Glitches

Barrier Glitches


Strafe Glitches

I have recently noticed a new way to glitch on the forums, and that is the use of a strafe jump to get on a ledge, which is unreachable for zombies and dogs.

Dog Strategies

Intro & General Rules

"If you and your team mates are running around killing zombies and suddenly a dog round comes here's what to do. This is the simplest thing ever and NOT found by me because almost everyone knows this but anyway here's what my team would do.”
1. Stick together - it's easier to take down the dogs with combined firepower (Personal suggestion from Snipdwn:- Try and use PPSH-41 or a Heavy Machine Gun, which works better with Speed Cola).
2. Shoot in shifts - if there are two people with HMG's (Heavy Machine Guns) then have one shoot and when they have to reload have the other person shoot.
3. Revive only when possible - If someone goes down try not to revive them until the end of the round unless someone can cover you. Just save the max ammo until they are revived, so that they can still get it.

NOTE: I need videos for this section. If someone could record these, I'd appreciate it very much. You'll get full credit.


Zip line

1. (When zip line hasn't been activated) Go onto the balcony and group up in zip line corner.
2. Have someone with ray gun, wunder waffe, HMG, or other good gun stand in the back looking both directions. Have the surrounding three people crouch in front, with 2 people facing stairs and one facing other way towards a window (More dogs come to the stairs):- This is good because you have time to see the dogs before they get to close
3. (When zip line has been activated) Go into a usual two standing in back and two crouching in front formation on zip line if at balcony.

Help Room

1. Room behind ORIGINAL help chest location - Close quarters combat but still good have two people stand in the doorway and the other two as backup.

Fishing Hut / Doctor's Quarters

1. This strategy works best in the Doctor's Quarters or the Fishing Hut (Best).
2. When the dogs are about to come, go into the tiny room and place Betties in it.
3. Then have someone with a fast firing machine gun (PPSh-41, MG42, FG42, etc. Machine gun not necessary but helps ALOT) stand in the doorway to that little room. (Note: Ray gun will kill you!!! Don't use it!!!)
4. Since when the dogs spawn they have an automatic target (they are 'programmed' to attack a certain player), the dogs will try and run through the person in front to the other players in the room. If you r playing with 4 people, than about 75% of the dogs will stop in front of you and about 25% will try to attack you. The dogs USUALLY wont spawn in the room so your team mates can fire the weapons in front of you to kill the dogs.
5. If the person in the doorway gets hurt a lot then have someone else take is place in front.

NOTE 1:- In the Doctor's Quarters it works not as well because some dogs spawn in the room. Just do the same thing that you would do in Fishing Hut and you get through the round fast.

NOTE 2:- You probably wont have time to reload before the max ammo because you are so close to the dogs.

I also wanted to point out: "If someone thought of this before me then don't get mad but I don't think anyone has because I have never seen it anywhere. (Note: This is not a glitch!!!!!!!) Post and tell me if it works for you but it always works for me.";t=4245;t=4243;t=4112

Dog Glitches


Here are glitches for the dogs. Using these should prevent you from getting attacked, but in some cases they may not. I have decided to take these from what I deem as reliable sources, but if one doesn’t work, or you have one to post, send me a PM and I’ll add it.


Zip line

1. Firstly you are going to want to open the Doctor’s Quarters, bring down the zip line and send it back up, which will allow you to get on it from upstairs.
2. Once on the zip line upstairs, get one person to crouch near the side railings. Then, the other person needs to run jump at them, and they should almost glide over the top of them on to the railings.
3. Once up, stand at the very back of the railing, as close as you can to the edge without falling off. MAKE SURE NO ONE ELSE IS ON THE ZIP LINE unless they are on a railing.
And there you go. Hopefully, you should be protected from the dogs.

Gate Room

Here is the YouTube video for it. Sorry for poor brightness, but the description underneath should explain it if you still can't understand it.

Founder is unknown to me. If anyone knows who founded this glitch, please tell me.

1. Start by opening the gate by the starting room. Alternatively, if you want less dogs attacking you, open up the stairs and run round.
2. In the far left corner of the room, there should be a barrel. If you walk forwards into it, you will be immune from a dog attack. However, if more then one dog piles up, they will be able to attack you.

That’s how you do the second glitch. If there are any more, then please, send me a PM.

Other Glitches

Hanging Man

At the very beginning of the game, you will notice a hanging man dangling above you. If you manage to knock him down, and then touch him in any way, the screen will turn grey, and all people will be reverted to round one. Reasons for this are unknown.

Multi-Gun Glitch

If either the Doctor's Quarters or Fishing Hut has the box, you can do the glitch (as these are the only huts where you can reach the box in time.
1. Start by purchasing a gun out the random box. Wait for it to pick a gun (just in case it is a teddy/molotovs), and when it has, buy the perk and while drinking, buy the gun.
The game will replace the perk bottle with the gun. Don't worry though, as you will still get the perk.

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The Ultimate Shi No Numa Guide
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