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 The Boosting Tutorial Guide for COD MW2

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PostSubject: The Boosting Tutorial Guide for COD MW2   Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:46 am

I had the idea of building a Boosting Tutorial Guide for COD MW, but failed miserably at it. Thanks to MafiaGamer and others who sent me information and ideas, but I could not get off of my lazy back side to post all of it. I apologize for that. Having said that I know that this one will succeed. Please send me via PM any hints or tutorials on how to boost MW2. I am looking to compile any techniques, maps or game types that members can boost with and a step by step tutorial on how they can accomplish their goal. All information will be posted here and all members will get full credit for their contributions. If you try any of these be sure to give the contributors some REP.

-How to glitch to get into a cage match with a specific person
-How to Domination Boost

Any help would be appreciated.


So far I have the following.

Riot Shield Boosting in Search & Destroy -

Riot Shield Boosting in SnD can nearly rack you up with 60K xp in one game!
When you shoot a riot shield, you gain 500 points. You can do this 5 times, racking you up with 2,500 points. After 5 times, the points will decrease to 100, and decrease more. So what you need to do is stop for 20 seconds, so the timer will reset back to 500 and you then can repeat this 5 more times racking you up with 2,500 more. You can repeat this as much as the round lasts. You will need the Perks One Man Army or Scavenger Pro! so you don't run out of ammo! You will switch classes every game. So one will be riot shield one snd game, the next it would be an lmg.

First off, to explain riot shield boosting, you're suppose to do this in Search and Destroy(core).
You will need:

12 People
2 Classes: Class 1: An LMG, Scavenger Pro/One Man Army, Lightweight Class 2: Riot Shield, Lightweight(that's basically all)
Organization to find who your partner will be

Once, you are in a game, PRIVATE CHAT YOUR PARTNER, tell them where to meet up and when to stop shooting

Casca Edit:
piepieyoe updated his topic with the following. It gives you more points than the above technique that he originally posted

If you haven't noticed, riot shield boosting is an efficient way to gain xp in boosting. Giving up to 125K XP to BOTH players in one game if both are using one man army.
First off, to riot shield boost you need:

    12 Players
    One Man Army(Pro if possible)
    P90 AKIMBO / LMG ( AKIMBO P90 can empty both clips in five seconds compared to the LMG speed of 10 seconds to empty a clip)

When you are boosting in riot shield, one will start off with the P90 Akimbo(if you don't have P90 Akimbo, just use an LMG) and the other with a riot shield. The one with the P90/LMG will shoot the shield until the entire clip is gone for both guns. After this, both will use One Man Army and switch to either P90/LMG or Riot shield. Then the other will do the same. Just keep doing this until the round is over. And that's basically how you riot shield boost and gain 100K+ xp for BOTH players in one game.

1. Start up a lobby
2. Get 12 people
3. Invite 6 people into a party
4. Search for a match
5. Invite the people in the party
6. Find your partner
7. Private chat your partner
8. Find a meeting point
9. one will shoot into the riot shield with a p90/lmg
10. Both will use one man army to switch to the opposing class
11. Whoever has the bomb, plant it when there's only 10 seconds left.
12. Do this every round for 7 rounds.

Note that this will own your accuracy and make it below 10%

Shield Boosting in a Cage Match - posted by TTG Sean
Casca Edit: Still needs to be confirmed

First of all, you have two people, one with a riot shield, and one with a LMG (RPD possibly).
They go into a cage match and they meet up. The person with the riot shield stands in a corner crouched and takes all the ammo from the RPD.

This should give +50 every 2 seconds after you get the first +50. (at least those are the experience bonus' in a split screen) So every two seconds, you are getting +100, and if you do this for the WHOLE game, you should get a crap load of points. Once you run out of ammo, kill yourself and restart.

Here's how turns would work.(The person getting points is the one using riot shields)
Game 1: P1 gets all the points.
Game 2: P2 gets all the points.

this gives you a lot of experience, and you can do head shots afterwards.

Getting into a Cage Match with a friend
Several Topics were started on trying to get you and your buddy in the same Cage Match for boosting. If a newer or better technique comes along please PM me. I will post it here if it works.
Casca Edit: More members are having luck with Option B as of 21 NOV 09

Option A-
3 Different techniques were posted in the link provided

Option B -

1. Private chat your friend.
2. Have you or your friend search for a 3rd Person Cage Match game.
3. If you are the one searching then have your friend join your game in progress(by clicking on you in friends list) or the other way around.
4. If he joins before the first part of searching is done then it will party you two up.

Xp boosting Sentry gun new method - Posted by TTG Sean

A great way to gain xp on COD:6 MW2.
Requirements:Riot Sheild, Sentry gun as a kill streak, Hardline (Not 100% needed, but speeds it up), a friend online
TUTORIAL:Invite a friend, but don't let them accept straight away. Find a 3rd person cage match, and let the friend accept. Tgen it will be only you two in a Ranked XP match! Allow the game to start, making sure you have all of the requirements. Get a 4 kill streak (or 5), and plant the sentry gun. Tell the friend to crouch in front of it. He will then get about 1000xp. If the sentry stops firing, pick it up & move it. If the XP gets low, respawn & repeat. Then, when halfway through game, swap sides& repeat. Have fun!
P.s someone else posted 2 mins before with me a similar thread with the shotgun instead of the sentry, but I believe this is easier and quicker

Use the perk one man army to reset XP flow, WITH no death. Just have 2 riot shield classes, and once xp flow slows down, change classs!

Cage Match XP Glitch -

I just wanted to post this but I am not sure if it is going to work.
Based off of a few techniques that have already been posted before, I believe this will be the best way to get XP.

First you will need to get the friend that you want to boost with in the same cage match as you. For instructions on how to do that please visit this link:

Next, both you and your friend will need the same two classes.

Class One:
Primary Weapon: The RPD or the M240 both do the same.
Secondary: One Man Army
Second Perk: Stopping Power (Not sure if it makes a difference having it on or not)
The rest doesn't matter, it can be anything you want.

Class Two:
Primary Weapon: Riot Shield
Secondary: One Man Army
The rest doesn't matter, it can be anything you want.

Once the game starts one of you picks the LMG class and the other picks the Riot Shield class.
Once you find each other the person with the LMG shoots one whole clip into the riot shield,
after the clip is gone do not reload, both of you now do one man army perk and switch to the other class that you didn't start with. repeating what you already did. So you will shoot a clip into their shield both of you do the One Man Army Perk and then he shoots into your riot shield. You just keep doing this for the whole length of the game.

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PostSubject: nice nice   Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:59 am

Nice post man!
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Rank Awesome
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PostSubject: Re: The Boosting Tutorial Guide for COD MW2   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:20 pm

very nice topic Very Happy

must have taken a while
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Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne

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PostSubject: Re: The Boosting Tutorial Guide for COD MW2   Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:27 pm

Great post! You don't really need to boost if your 10th Prestige! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Boosting Tutorial Guide for COD MW2   

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The Boosting Tutorial Guide for COD MW2
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